FAQs all about SEO!

SEO is complex and confusing, and we’re sure you’re bursting with questions about the services we can provide. We’ve jotted down answers to the most popular questions we get here at SEO Dublin.

How much does SEO cost?

There is no right or wrong answer here, and we can work with almost any budget. However, it’s important that we agree a set monthly fee that’s both realistic and affordable. Generally speaking our minimum monthly fee is Euro 149 + VAT and we have 4 price plans for those who require more than our basic service. We recommend that you choose a monthly budget that you can afford and one that won’t break the bank, whilst remembering the more you pay, the more work we can do, the faster we can do it and generally the better the results you can expect for your website.

In order for us to carry out work that’s of the quality required to generate better long-term exposure, we recommend spending at least Euro 300 per month for localised search campaigns and Euro 600 or more per month for regional or national campaigns.

Do you need access to my website in order to carry out SEO?

To provide a comprehensive search engine optimisation service, we will need access to your website in order to make small changes to your tags and text that will enhance your search engine presence. If you would prefer to not give us your site’s login details, in most cases you will be able to carry out any necessary changes yourself under our guidance. Alternatively we’re happy for our SEO team to liaise with your web designers and get them to make the changes for you.

How do you choose the right keywords for my campaign?

We take several different factors into consideration when selecting the best keywords for your SEO service.

We use a Google Keyword Planner tool to check the monthly search volumes on the keywords that you want to work with. Generally, the more the keyword is searched for, the harder it’ll be to rank well for it – however, the level of competition surrounding each search term is also determined by the nature of the business, the number of results that are returned in the organic listings, and who is currently dominating the market. Each industry is different, and each town is different. Our SEO specialists will put together the best SEO plan for your business that is possible based on your chosen monthly budget.

If targeting your initial set of keywords within the specified budget just isn’t realistic, we’ll source different keyword variations that we can incorporate into your package to ensure you get the best possible results from the work we’re doing. For example, we may suggest localising your keywords and targeting specific regions, or working with product pages as opposed to category pages. For example, if you are a Builder in say Dublin it is better to be ranked for Builder Dublin than Builder Ireland as this will generate you a better and more localised lead. By contrast if you sell mobile phones on the internet, you may want to rank for “iphone 6 for sale” as oppose a search term followed by a location.

How long will it take before I see improvements in my search engine rankings?

We cannot guarantee that you’ll see improvements in positions within a particular time-frame. The pace of your campaign will depend on the competitiveness of the targeted keywords and the level of work required on your website. If another SEO provider has made a “Guarantee” we would urge you to treat with caution, as it is only when work has started that they can truly get a “handle” on what is required and how long the results are likely to take.

Once your onsite optimisation is in place we should see initial spikes in positions as the search engines crawl and index the keyword-rich content. Positions will then tend to fluctuate for 2-3 months as the search engines get used to our link building work and various on-site changes. After that, we would expect to see steady progress and the “levelling out” of any monthly variations. Remember there are many factors that influence the position of your website in the search results and until we have started work on all of the aspects we can’t give an exact time frame. We can however confirm that the majority of sites we are working on get decent results within 6 to 9 months from when we start, but again, results can come quicker or take longer depending on your specific website and your industry and location.

How much input can I have in my campaign?

If you have the time and are interested in supporting our SEO work, we recommend that you write monthly articles about your business and commence regular tweeting, blogging and facebook posting. Your extra support from this angle can speed up our efforts from our own teams here in Dublin and help to accelerate your SEO results.

Do you use black-hat tactics?

No. We use organic link building methods that adhere to the search engines’ algorithmic guidelines, which means that your website is highly unlikely to be penalised for unacceptable link building tactics at any point in the future. Black Hat tactics can get fast results but generally end up with you having major problems. We do nothing that could risk the long term viability of your search engine results and only use the best industry recognised tactics to improve your organic search results.

How do you report on your SEO progress?

We generally send you updates by email every 2 to 3 months, unless you choose a higher monthly budget in which case we can provide monthly SEO updates. We will also give you a summary of the work that’s been carried out. Our reports are easy to understand and the majority of our SEO customers appreciate the level of reporting provided.

Your reporting email can then be followed up with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting if required. We have offices in Dublin. We recommend arranging campaign review meetings every 6 or 12 months as this provides sufficient time for us to get some decent progress to report.

Can you do SEO on a template website?

Yes, we have and are performing SEO on websites using Duda, 123 Reg, Wix and Go Daddy plus many others. Whatever your website platform or language we can help get it ranked in the major search engines. Many people say that SEO on sites using Wix, Duda and Go Daddy etc is not easy or does not work. This is not the case and we can certainly help you get the rankings that you need for your site.

Will you tie me into a contract?

The short answer is no! We operate on rolling monthly contracts but we do ask that you commit to your campaign for at least 3 months. This is because improvements are not normally instantaneous and it can take a number of weeks for our work indexed by the search engines. Larger, more complicated campaigns will require an initial commitment of 6 months. Search Engine Optimisation should be seen as longer term programme, however you can take comfort that you are not tied into a long term contract, and if for any reason you did wish to cancel the SEO service sooner, you could there is no long term notice period or small print to worry about.

How do I pay for the SEO service?

We ask for your initial monthly payment to be paid by Credit or Debit Card and we then activate a Direct Debit that we’d collect for the future monthly payments. You are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and are free to cancel the DD at anytime should you wish to cancel the SEO Services.

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